Need someone who speaks fluent Engineering?

Welcome to Syngineering Connect.

We Have Engineered Recruitment For Engineers.

Deal with Syngineering Connect, and you’ll speak to an engineer. (And isn’t it refreshing to speak to someone on your own wavelength for a change!)

Engineering recruitment is what we do – it’s all we do – which is why engineers like talking to us so much.

Who can help you more with your next hire than an engineer with years of experience?

Regardless of whether you’re a candidate yourself or in search of one, you can be sure we’ll thoroughly understand the scope of the job and match you perfectly.

With 70% of CVs failing to deliver the right candidate, Syngineering Connect look for the real person behind the resume, and have a well-engineered process to see beyond some highly self-opinionated CV.

We’re here to deal with people, not numbers, and are just as interested in attitude as we are aptitude.

Yes, we do in-depth psychometric testing…but with a human touch, because at the end of the day the person who invariably works out best is the one who fits in best.

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