For our engineers, variety truly IS the spice of life.

Skilled Engineers – Join Syngineering Connect

There are many excellent reasons why skilled engineers should join the Syngineering Connect team – and the biggest one of all is variety.

As an engineer working for us – we call our guys ‘syngineers’ – you certainly won’t be doing the ‘same old, same old’.

As a Syngineer you’ll be exposed to multiple projects across a wide range of different businesses and sectors.

With variety comes opportunity and there’s plenty of that with Syngineering Connect.

This is more than just a simple “one workforce” opportunity; it’s your chance to develop a substantial professional network and make a name for yourself.

Furthermore, you’ll be part of not one, but two dynamic teams –
your host employer and your Syngineer team.

Becoming a syngineer will also create an opportunity for a unique career path – it will also look great on your CV (it’s just a shame that CVs are next to useless!)

And on top of all that, you’ll work for an employer who is unique in the engineering space.

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