Work Testimonials

Select Engineers Tell Their Stories

"Serious Fun"

"I’ve worked at many places before, but none like Syngineering. This place is fun, but make no mistake, we’re serious about engineering here, and take no engineering matter lightly." - Peter

"So energetic!"

"This place is so energetic – it is really motivating to come to work every day to bounce ideas off people and get excited about work. If you’re going to work every day, you might as well love doing it – Syngineering has this covered." - Russell

"Youth or inexperience is not an issue"

"Youth or lack of years in a role is not an issue at Syngineering. If you can show that you can do a project, and do it well, you get more. I don’t know of many places where I would be given the responsibility that I have been given at Syngineering, based on my ‘age’." - Ricky

"Always open to new ideas!"

"Syngineering is always open to new ideas…from all employees. When I suggested ways to improve Syngineering’s safety policies to make it even safer, I was told to implement them. They are great at ‘doing not talking’ and their culture breeds employees with strong business acumen and engineering expertise." - Andy

"The variety is awesome!"

"Syngineering have helped my develop a wide range of skills and exposed me to all areas of engineering. Every week I get new projects to complete, the variety is awesome." - Danny

"Highly recommended!"

"I love working at Syngineering – it’s a fun place to work. It’s the best move I’ve made in my career, in fact I recommended working at Syngineering to my mate and now he works here too!" - Nathan G.

"Helped me develop as an engineer"

"Syngineering has really helped me develop as an engineer – they even mentored me though my training and CPEng Process." - Nathan D.

"Exciting & highly stimulating"

"I submitted my CV to my dream company after graduating – but couldn’t make it through. Within 3 months of working and being developed by Shane and his Syngineers, I was placed in my dream company in an exciting and highly stimulating engineering role." - Robert

"Taught me so much"

"Syngineering has taught me so much about many new things, and I’ve picked up some valuable skills along the
way. There is pressure to perform here, but you WANT to perform to help the Syngineering team out" - Ryan

"Great at spotting strengths"

"Syngineering is great at spotting strengths in people, and I was helped and supported greatly in my career path
transition. It feels like I don’t come to work – working at Syngineering is actually enjoyable." - Ben