What clients have said about our

Engineering Recruitment Service.


“I called Syngineering Connect after winning a huge job that my current team of drafters couldn’t finish on time for our client. Because we’ve hired people through them before, they knew the drill”

Warren L., Eagle Farm
(Name withheld to protect privacy)

[Syngineering Connect’s Managing Director, Shane Matthews, takes up the story…]

Shane: “Syngineering Connect’s software and systems lets us source the best candidates for the job and present our findings in such a way that it’s easy to digest. We don’t lump a pile of CVs on your desk. We carefully screen, interview and analyse each candidate to make sure they will fit well into the role and into the company.

“We differentiate ourselves from other recruitment factories by realising that the companies we’re helping are like ours – with real expectations and dependence on their employees. We really want our customers to grow with the help of the technical staff we recruit or second. After all, our survival depends on theirs.”

“They presented me a shortlist in a way I’ve never seen before from a recruitment company. I was blown away. It made it easy to make my selection. Because of the level of candidates I was faced with, the only reasonable option was to hire all 4!”
“So the Monday after winning the biggest job we’d ever won in our office, we had 4 Syngineers arrive in the morning, with their inductions already done, and they were ready to get stuck in.”

Shane: “We make sure our candidates are aligned with the interests of the host company, and we do our best to monitor them to make sure their work and attitudes do not go unnoticed.”

“The end result was the project was an outstanding success, with a huge amount of help from the Syngineering Connect crew. I have them on speed dial now, so when something comes through and I need a temporary worker, they are all over it!”