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Experienced Project Engineer

A large client of ours approached us after they found themselves facing a difficult situation, a politically charged project that had been chewed up and spat back out several times before. Because it was so difficult, we needed to put someone in place who could take hold of the project, work through all the politics and challenges, and get a plant running again.

We contacted Syngineering Connect who came to us and got as much information as possible about the position, and the circumstances surrounding it. They took note of the difficulty of managing the stakeholders of the project, then set about finding someone with the skills and experience to roll up their sleeves and get the job done.”

Charles T., Milton, Brisbane
(Names withheld to protect privacy)

[Syngineering Connect’s Managing Director, Shane Matthews, continues…]
Shane: “We quickly realised that this wasn’t a simple ‘project engineer secondment’ position. We used our experience and systems to source several candidates that would satisfy the requirements of the role. The thing that sets Syngineering Connect apart is that we have these sorts of people already working for us – so we know when we’ve uncovered a great candidate. We can really hone in and ask the questions that will reveal the desirable traits we need.”

“Syngineering Connect’s project engineer came in to the situation, and got stuck straight in, sidestepping all the politics as they marched forward managing the stakeholders to get the plant running again.”

Shane: “Syngineering’s Connect has a huge bank of experience and knowledge that we can tap into very easily. We don’t have to bluff through meetings with engineering managers about the expectations and skills that candidates must have – we know them well, because we’ve had that experience ourselves, so we know what to look for in great candidates.

“The end result was the completion of a project that seemed all but lost before Syng Connect’s project engineer came in and steered the ship. Their ability to read the situation and present a great candidate is highly valued within our situation; this definitely won’t be the last time we use them.”