What clients have said about our

Engineering Recruitment Service.

Nurturing environment for an engineer

“I joined Syngineering as I was attracted to working with a younger, more energetic and enthusiastic team. There is never a dull moment at Syngineering and it really revitalised my passion for engineering and lifelong learning.

“I came into Syngineering to help their client Bonoxitte deliver a huge range of technical documentation that would help them win a large tender that was to be submitted. I spotted another opening for 4 more people at this company and Syngineering Connect quickly seconded 4 key people into these positions.”

“The Syngineering Group empowers its employees to be commercially minded – a skill that is so important in today’s engineering climate. If you can spot opportunities to help engineering grow, it does not go unnoticed.”

Syngineer on Secondment

The comment above from one of our Syngineers is fairly typical, and is what we’ve come to expect from our people.

We want to help our engineers, draftspersons and technical writers develop and be more effective team members and team leaders for Syngineering. We feel it’s our duty to nurture them and see them grow. As a business it’s imperative not to stand still, and we always have new openings and opportunities that people can grab by the horns and really be a part of.