What clients have said about our

Engineering Recruitment Service.

Project Engineer

When I called Syngineering Connect, I was in strife. My best engineer decided that it was time to move on and travel overseas. This happened at the back end of the year when other companies take a break and relax for a few weeks. Not me.

I called Syngineering Connect and told them what had happened, and they said they would sort it out. I was pretty desperate, as without my engineer I knew I’d really struggle to release projects, and that would have hurt my business badly.

I met with Syngineering a couple of days before Christmas to give them the rundown on the type of person I needed, and within a day or two, they recommended who turned out to be perfect for the role!

I really appreciated the fact that they managed to get together during that time of the year for me, to help me out. I really can’t thank them enough. (The engineer they placed) fitted in seamlessly into our organisation.

When my peers talk about their recruitment woes, or the problems they have with their current staff, I always tell them about Syngineering Connect. They definitely helped me out in a pinch and I’ve got nothing but praise for their service.

Colin. S., South Brisbane
                                                                        (Name withheld to protect privacy)