Check out the Calibre of our Engineers.

Peter B

Peter B is an experienced design engineer with 5+ years’ experience with Solid Works and Inventor. Peter has handled every situation that we’ve thrown at him so far from an engineering or technical perspective.

Peter D

Peter has a vast range of skills and experience in new product development – from modelling and drafting, to documentation and technical writing. His calm and logical thinking helps projects move from concept to reality.


Steve is an engineer’s engineer. He has spent years working with Inventor, designing, modelling and drafting parts for heavy equipment and cars. His practical thinking helps projects move forward from the concept to the detailed design phase.


Rob is comfortable designing, modelling and drawing anything that lands on his desk. From heavy equipment design, lifting device certification, and machine design and commissioning, Rob is an all-rounder in terms of engineering. He knows the process inside out when it comes to developing a concept to suit the client’s need, through to producing the engineering drawings required to get it all manufactured.


At Syngineering we tend to hand Danny those projects that no-one else wants to touch. Danny is a highly capable and practical engineer, who really gets stuck in to the project to work towards the best solution possible. He presents his great ideas backed with a great deal of skill with Inventor, in which he is an expert modeller and drafter.


Darren is our go-to engineer for the ultra-tricky problems that our clients get us to solve. Darren’s career has seen him in a design role, project engineer role, project manager role, and draftspersons role, normally simultaneously. Darren approaches each problem with a clear train of thought, and as the engineer with the most experience within Syngineering, helps lead projects from start to finish, whilst training and support our less experienced engineers along the way.


Ricky manages and leads our engineering ‘engine room’. He combines his skills with project management, with a keen eye for detail and a very strong foundation of technical knowledge. Ricky’s keen sense of the commercial nature of projects, and the needs of the engineers and draftspersons that complete them is second to none within Syngineering.


Anthony is one of our resident ‘gun drafties’. He can work with engineers to create detailed drawings of almost anything, and he has the background knowledge of engineering to know when a design might not be perfect. Being able to relay that information back to the engineers is important in ensuring a practical product is realised. He can not only produce mechanical drawings, but he can easily handle electrical drawings too.

Nathan G

Nathan G is the other resident ‘gun draftie’ at Syngineering. Nathan joined Syngineering with a background in building design and drawing. That being said, he has a very practical understanding of engineering, and provides feedback about designs to our engineers – especially during our structural and building-related projects.


Ramsey is our electrician, who can design, draw and install all electrical related equipment and plant that we design and draw for our projects. He has a background in HV design and installation in heavy equipment, and draws on that knowledge when wiring factories, electric motors, and producing wiring diagrams and designing controllers on AutoCAD for different electrical plant for Syngineering’s projects.